Why “Get The L Out” ?

Who We Are

Get the L Out is a group of lesbian and feminist individuals and organisations, opposing the increasingly anti-lesbian and misogynistic LGBT movement and the erasure of lesbians

Why We Protest

We believe that lesbian rights are under attack by the trans movement and we encourage lesbians everywhere to leave the LGBT and form their own independent movement, as well as to be vocal and take action against the proposed changes to the GRA.

Get the L Out believes trans politics (with uncritical support from the LGBT movement) does the following:

Promotes the social transition of lesbians, encouraging them to present as straight men thus favouring the pretence of heterosexuality over lesbianism – this is nothing more than a form of conversion therapy.
Promotes the medical transition of lesbians and pushes harmful drugs (untested hormone blockers, Lupron etc.) as well as unnecessary medical practices on perfectly healthy bodies – these are a form of misogynist medical abuse against lesbians.
Promotes the rights of heterosexual males who “identify” as women and lesbians (despite most of them still retaining their male genitals) over the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners. This new ‘queer’ LGBT politics thus coerces lesbians to accept the penis as a female organ and promotes heterosexual intercourse between male and female as a form of lesbian sex. This is simply a new facet to rape culture and compulsory heterosexuality.
What we Believe

“The trans movement with the complicity of ‘queer’ LGBT politics is coercing lesbians to have sex with men. We firmly condemn this vicious form of lesbophobia disguised as progress”.

“We stand for the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners on the basis of their sex not their “gender identity” and condemn any pressure on lesbians to accept so called “trans women” as potential sex partners and the penis as a female organ as coercive and a manifestation of rape culture”

“we oppose the transition of young lesbians on the basis that their appearances or behaviour does not conform to socially accepted images of women. Having short hair and disliking pink is not a sign of having a male brain and does not mean one requires transition. The trans movement is a conservative movement which reinforces sexist sex stereotypes.”

“We oppose proposed changes to the GRA and view self-identification as a threat to women’s and girls rights.

“We demand stronger sex-based protections for women and girls and that women maintain the right to sex-segregated spaces at the exclusion of male regardless of their “identity”.”

This action is supported by a number of individual Lesbians and Lesbian supporters, as well as Critical Sisters, Mayday4Women, Object ! and The Lesbian Rights Alliance

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38 thoughts on “Why “Get The L Out” ?”

  1. Thank you for putting yourself in the firing line. I salute you. I am sick to death of this alphabetical “umbrella” grouping and support your action wholeheartedly. The increasingly bizarre. demands of the Trans activists is deeply worrying! Biology isn’t bigotry, biology is truth. The GRA and this cult like obsessive sex zombies must not get away with it.

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  2. Thank you so much, you are very brave. I hope more sisters could see what is happening. all the way from Victoria, BC Canada, we admire you. thanks for doing this. God speed and may you be protected so you can continue to do this very needed work.

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  3. So Wonderfully Brave , Watching all of the ‘Get The L Out’ women. Marching along the route , Even when they tried to get you off you came back ..joined the march Haha I sprang up from the lounge clapping as i watch the video the idiot penis news reporter taped I loved that it got up his nose so much ! Still applauding you all….
    Thank you so much for this much needed political action to get so many more aware , talking thinking and ultimately taking actions to stop aligning ourselves with a group of selfish, self centered narcissists. attention seeking, ego stroking Conceited discriminating pigs,
    Inspiring Is you All . Please take care , i hear some nasty black lash, the projected writing on some wall saying “transwomen are women” BS.and showing up at a woman’s place of business.. these are the cockaroaches of society, Please take care. Best wishes Sisters
    Yours Gratefully

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  4. Thank you so very much for taking a stand against this lesbophobic, misogynist bullshit coming from straight males in dresses and their “normal male” allies. There are so many things wrong with the transgender belief system, and sexual coercion of women and castration of young lesbians with unnecessary hormones and surgery are major points!

    I say it’s time to Drop The T, since they were never part of the homosexual community in the first place. They obviously need their own separate movement, since what they believe is at odds with what homosexuals value and fight for.

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  5. Thank you so much for standing up for lesbians. What you’ve done is inspiring and thought provoking, especially to our sisters who are not on the scene, and to straight women who thought mtf trans were harmless. Your visibility on the Pride telecast has given immeasurable benefit to our cause.

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  6. good stuff, its also worth mentioning that LGBT groups like Pride and Stonewall are run on corporate money and that is being used to harass genuine grass roots activists.

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  7. I was so inspired by you and proud of you! Watched the entire penisnews video and was so impressed with your bravery. It just made me laugh and cry and want to shout.

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  8. Thank you for your brave and brilliant action. The Pink news narrator who follwed this group loud proved every point they were making. He could not get over the idea that lesbians were leading a PRIDE Parade and a straight male polictician was replaced. Hi referred to them only as transphobes and protestors against trans. They were pro-lesbian not anti trans and the fact that he and so many others cannot see that is definitely the problem. Kudos for exposing this where it needed to happen at a corporate PRIDE Parade centering males.

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  9. Hi, Im a straight guy who used to work on the scene in Belfast and briefly in Soho. I think its completely correct that Lesbians should be worried about the Trans BS thats about now. You are Women who are sexually attracted to Women. Not Men, who feel today they are women (with none of the angst and hardships that all women go through when growing up) who then either say they arent gay because they are women really when they fancy men then want to be called Lesbian when they are attracted to women.

    You couldnt make this nonsense up. With all this confusion and victimhood by an absolute micro amount of people who with current figures taken into account may change their minds at some point and also with all the gesture politics out there Lesbian issues are being forgotten about and put on the back burner because some men want to play at being ladies.

    In my honest opinion I feel that Gay Men and Lesbians are both being forgotten. This is a tragedy considering the discrimination and fight for acceptance you have faced to get to where you are now. I truly hope you can can rid yourself of these Misogynists in dresses.

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  10. This Pride protest was a brave move, congratulations. There’s a growing feeling amongst many lesbians and gay men that the alphabetical “umbrella grouping” is really not serving our interests.

    And there is growing and understandable social hostility, from many quarters, towards the increasingly bizarre, contradictory and anti-social demands of the trans movement – which has no relevance at all to lesbians and gays, yet because of our assumed “allegiance” to what is essentially a gender-fixated heterosexual movement, we’re attracting the animosity as well.

    It’s time for the self-appointed “leaders” of LGBTQetc activist and “community groups” to acknowledge that many (possibly most) homosexual people feel no affinity at all to the transgender category and its politics, and indeed many, especially women, understandably regard it as a hostile intrusion.

    For my part, as a gay man, I’m going to avoid using the umbrella terminology (“LGBTQetc”) when discussing gay issues online, and will make it clear in public and private discussion that I don’t regard the trans category as being at all personally relevant, and I don’t defend or agree with its politics.

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  11. I am a straight woman of 73 who had no idea this was happening to my lesbian sisters. I am so appalled. I have also looked at TERFisaslur.com and been further and distressingly educated tonight. I have also just watched a Critical Sisters video. I have seen & heard the names of men who should know better, e.g Owen Jones and Dr Christian who should know to LISTEN to you all. You are being erased because people want to appear enlightened and progressive and on the correct bandwagon. I have a lot to take away from tonight and think about. I am distressed that you have been universally condemned as the bad and wrong party for your protest last weekend and by the systematic de-platforming you experience.

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  12. Really needed to hear this from within our community. As a lesbian I have been struggling and feeling this frustration for a long time. It’s clear now we must make our own space. Thank you so much for saying and doing what you did.

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  13. Support you 100%. It used to be Gay Pride and has been hyjacked by everyone and turned into something very different. There ought to be Gay Pride, Lesbian Pride, Trans. Pride etc. We are different and should establish our own spaces.

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  14. I love your hashtag! It’s high time lesbians remembered how to prioritize ourselves and support each other. Being thrown together endlessly with other groups and no other option has not benefited us much at all that I can see. “One size fits all” tends to fit no one.

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  15. For my sisters as a gay man speaking to the gay male and trans community,

    First, to my sisters, I apologize for taking up this space. I hear you and I support every action you took at pride. To my brothers and my trans sisters, stop for a minute and listen. Our sisters had every right to do what they did: protest at a political rally. Being critical is not being phobic. Taken all together, (and I apologize for being reductionist) all our sisters are asking for is the right to control their bodies. After generations, they are still asking for that right: for their bodies to be viewed as their own, to not be coerced into being told who to desire, to not being forced to worship the penis in any form. That they had to take the steps they did speaks to the actions and inactions of gay men and the trans community, not our sisters. That you support the government again telling women what they must desire speaks to your deafness towards our sisters being able to define their desire for themselves.

    Second, coercion in any form is rape. To everyone with a dick: stop worshipping it as some mighty scepter that gives you power and desirability. Have some humanity and imagine what it means to exist in a rape culture so strong that a rapist is president of the United States and welcomed to England by your rulers and then told that you must worship the thing that seeks to destroy you, even within the queer community. Stop using the privilege that penis gives you in whatever form that privilege takes.

    Third, stop celebrating non gender conforming men who do not AT THE SAME TIME make space for our sisters. We celebrate our queer queens with awards and tv shows and the money that comes with both and at the same exact time, we erase our queer kings. No queen without her king. And if you don’t know how to do this, just ask.

    Fourth, take the dick out of your mouth (whether it be your own or someone else’s), stop, listen to our sisters, and act. Ask questions instead of making demands. Stop asking our sisters to be nice; nice has gotten them nowhere and that is our fault, not theirs.

    To my sisters, again, I apologize for taking this space. To everyone else: stop and listen before you condemn.

    Michael OMarah

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  16. Thank you sisters for putting your bodies and selves on the line at Pride – you are our Sheroes and we must all fight the tyranny of Trans Ideology’s insistence that it has the right to collonise women’s spaces and rights with every fighting breath. Massive Respect ❤

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  17. You are awesome! I’ve heard there was objection specifically to the sign saying ‘Lesbian = female homosexual? If so surely that’s breaching the Equality Act??! Can there be an official challenge?

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  18. ‘Promotes the rights of heterosexual males who “identify” as women and lesbians (despite most of them still retaining their male genitals) over the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners. This new ‘queer’ LGBT politics thus coerces lesbians to accept the penis as a female organ and promotes heterosexual intercourse between male and female as a form of lesbian sex. This is simply a new facet to rape culture and compulsory heterosexuality.’

    Yes – in other words just plain old male sexual predation upon females because male sex right to female bodies is supposedly sacrosanct! Men as usual intimidating lesbian women and forcing them to accept male lies that the penis is female!!! Sure and pigs can fly if the males say so.

    Men have always hated and loathed women who are lesbian and/or who deny men sexual access to their bodies. This is why lesbianism is hatred by men because compulsory phallic heterosexuality is supposedly the ‘only natural sexuality’ given it is all about male sexual pleasure.

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